Color Selection Help

Order your Billy Box in one of twenty-five textured powder coat colors from the Build your Billy Box page where you can visualize box colors on a truck color similar to yours.

To get a closer look at colors, browse the color swatch grid below. Click on a color to get a larger view and to cycle through all the color options.

Color selection tips:

  • Choose a color that compliments your truck color, rather than trying to match it.
  • For a color similar to your truck color, choose a box color that is a darker than your truck.
  • If you have a two-tone accent color on the bottom quarter of your truck, choose a color that is similar to or darker than the bottom accent color.
  • If you’d like to order but are still undecided on a color, just select the “Decide Later” color option on the Build your Billy Box page. We’ll give you a call to discuss colors and send out color swatches if needed. We just need to finalize a color within two weeks of the initial order to stay on pace for a 4-6 week delivery.


Note: Depending on your screen resolution and settings, actual colors will vary a little from what you see on the screen and will always look a little different when sprayed on an entire Billy Box v. a smaller screen color swatch. Box colors simulated on trucks include optional speakers and d-rings and actual gas springs are black/silver on all box color variations.

Color Swatches